First Durham Graduate awarded grant from Asfar

A Durham Graduate has been awarded a grant from Asfar’s Stipend Scheme 2015

Joel Butler, a History Graduate from Durham University, is the first young person to benefit from Asfar’s Stipend scheme.

The Stipend scheme, subsidized by Asfar’s social enterprise model, aims not only to provide beneficiaries with financial support, but to also develop their work-based skills as Senior Editors managing a team of 10+ Regional Editors, while also encouraging lifelong Volunteering to make a difference within our societies.

Asfar’s Stipend schemes and International Grants are designed to support people specialising in the Middle East as their choice of subject, as well as those affected by conflict throughout the region.

As Senior Editor, Joel, is responsible for the overall management, development and publication of the Asfar Middle Eastern e-Journal.

To learn more about the e-Journal, how to get involved and submit an article/photography submission, please email Joel at

To learn more about our Stipend scheme click here and our International Grants click here.

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