Erasmus+ RESOLVE: Play4Peace Timosoara Youth Exchange

More than 28 young people from the UK, Portugal, Romania and Turkey have joined us for our fourth and final ErasmusPlus RESOLVE: Play4Peace Youth Exchange in Timisoara.

Through different activities, participants got to know each other better and learned more about the project and its objectives.

Through the other days, they have learnt about Diversity & Inclusion, Dialogue for Peace, Community Building, Conflict Resolution, activating the Youth Community and Human Rights.

Also, they were introduced to some basic peacebuilding and reconciliation methods like Conflict Assessment Tools – the Conflict Tree. They talked about the causes and effects of each issue and presented them to everyone.

There were also some practical activities like a ceramic workshop, sensorial theatre and a treasure hunt for human rights education.

We want to thank all the participants for their participation, commitment and inputs they have provided during our ErasmusPlus RESOLVE: Play4Peace Youth Exchange in Timisoara.

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