Erasmus Plus RESOLVE: Play 4 Peace Youth Exchange in Portugal

More than 30 young people from the UK, Portugal, Romania and Turkey have joined us for our first Erasmus Plus RESOLVE: Play4Peace Youth Exchange in Portugal.

Through different activities, participants got to know each other better, as well as found out more about the project and its objectives. In addition, through the different activities, the participants have increased their understanding of Peace and discussed the Value of Peace. In the evening, the participants will be organising an Intercultural night.

After discussing peace and treats of peace on the first day, on day 2 participants visited different organisations which are active in the field of youth and peacebuilding in Cascais. As well as participating in a tour organised by a representative of the Cascais Municipality, they had time to explore the city. The daily activities have been finished with Reflection groups.

On day 3, participants worked on creating a Play 4 Peace country, a country that should promote peace for everyone. The group was divided into 5 smaller groups, each responsible for one of the following topics: flag, constitution, government, culture and anthem. Afterwards, they presented their work to the group. In the afternoon, through the Human Bingo, participants had the opportunity to share with each other their own experiences with peace and conflict topics – for instance, were they part of a conflict, did they stand up with a victim and similar. And the last activity of the day was Image Reflection. Divided into small groups, participants were confronted with 7 images that illustrated some themes related to peace and peacebuilding. They brainstorm what the images may mean, and later discover in which context they were taken.

On day 4 they participated in a Good Practices workshop, where they visited Solsef, an NGO that promotes fraternity and unity between people and youngsters from different countries. They shared with participants their general work and introduced them to the Conflict Resolution thematic. Then, a workshop was organized by their team, where participants could understand the role of mediators, the roots and the challenges of solving conflicts while putting into practice what they have learnt first.

During day final day of the #ErasmussPlus RESOLVE: Play4Peace project the participants participated in the project evaluation. In one of the evaluation activities, participants visited different stations where they could evaluate the project (checking contributions, expectations and fears; writing suggestions of activities to be implemented during the next youth exchanges of the project), and writing messages to each other. The final activity of the day was the Youthpass ceremony, where the participants received more information about the 8 Key Competencies and received their Youthpass.

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