Erasmus+ Planning Visits

Between November 2014 and January 2015, Asfar’s team and international partners participated in a series of Erasmus+ Advanced Planning Visits for our Istanbul and Amman Youth Exchanges due to take place between March and June 2015.

Asfar also met with partner organisations in Israel, including Interfaith Encounter Association to discuss future projects and partnership working.

November 2014 – Istanbul

Over a period of 4 days, Sheniz and Charles met with partner TAKIM YILDIZI’s Ozkan Uzelli, project manager in Turkey to discuss the implementation of Asfar’s Inspire Europe’s Erasmus+ programme.

The Youth Exchange in Istanbul, brings together young people from the UK and Turkey to develop new Skills, cultural experiences, learn about the history of the Middle East, learn basic Turkish, Employability and understand EU Citizenship.

Following two days of meetings, Ozkan gave us a tour around Istanbul, with particular focus on Taksim, where we were able to enjoy some traditional Nargile and Çay. Check out some photos below.

December 2014 – Amman

Asfar visited Amman, Jordan, travelling via Israel due to budget constraints, and met with partner Youth Spirit, their team and young people. The highly productive meeting on 31st December 2014 (yep, we were working on New Years’ Eve), brought together some really unique ideas in preparation for our joint Erasmus+ Dynamo Youth Exchange.

After the meeting, we were able to visit Petra and Wadi Rum, and alongside the traditional car accident/near death experience on a desert road, we were also able to meet some great youngsters who came to our rescue and fixed our car and offered to take us home for coffee, somewhere between Aqaba and Petra. We never did find out where we were.

After two days, we returned to Israel via King Hussein Bridge and experienced the traditional issues using this crossing. Following this, we spent 3 days in Jerusalem meeting with Israeli partners to discuss joint-working.

To see more photos, check out our Facebook page.

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