Erasmus+ MESAP – Bulgaria

MESAP partners’ Asfar, Cukurova Universite and NAMCB have been out rolling its domestic training on Enterprise and Social Action within their own communities between June and August.


NAMCB completed training in June. In order to understand how this training was approached NAMCB provided a brief update on what occurred during the activity:


What was the training?

MESAP local delivery: Youth Enterprise Skills and Social Action project Skills

Where/when did it take place?
The training was held in the seaside town of Pomorie, 13th and 14th June

How many young people participated?

10 young people

What did they learn?
They are trained on the topics:
-based entrepreneurship
-role of entrepreneurship
-entrepreneurial skills
-features of the plan on entrepreneurship
-plan on entrepreneurship
-major decisions and framework ppp -national legislation
-major decisions and framework ppp
-concept of ppp
-key elements of the ppp

What feedback did you get from young people:

Young people completed questionnaires to obtain feedback from training

What type of Enterprises/Social Actions projects ideas did young people focus on?

They would like to set up:

Young people expressed their ideas for development in the fields of:

a) health;
b) education;
c) culture;
d) sport, recreation and tourism;
e) social assistance, social housing and dormitories.

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