Erasmus+ Europe, Gallipoli & the Arab Revolt – Israel – Oct 2015

Between October and November 2015, a group of young people from UK, traveled to Jerusalem, Israel, on the first leg of the Erasmus+ Europe, Gallipoli and the Arab Revolt programme.

Young people from the UK and Israel/Palestine, were able to meet, engage and learn about each other’s’ countries, history, specifically how the First World War influenced both Israel, Palestine and the UK.

Participants were also able to learn about each other’s different cultures, human rights’ in each other’s countries and coexistence between multi-ethnic and multi-faith communities in the UK, Israel and Palestine. All participants’ visited the Swedish Institute, where they enjoyed learning activities, including a range of Skills building workshops.

Young people visited key sites throughout Jerusalem, including First World War cemeteries, and UK participants explained the significance of First World War, Remembrance Sunday and how different campaigns are remembered throughout the UK in contrast to Israel and Palestine, where it is barely considered. Our group visited Jaffa Gate, where Allenby entered Jerusalem as part of the Near Eastern/Arab Revolt campaign. Young people discussed reasons, Israeli and Palestinian should consider the significance of the First World War, in relation to the Balfour Declaration, the Hussein-McMahon correspondence and the foundations for the British Mandate and the UN’s Partition Plan, that resulted in a State for one community and stateless for another.

Young people visited Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum and considered the consequences of the First World War, in relation to the Second World War and the Holocaust.

Young people visited the conservative Mea Shearim Jewish community, where traditionally, outsiders feel quite unwelcome. However, participants were welcomed and enjoyed traditional Eastern European Jewish food and drinks.

UK Participants, were also invited to a traditional Sabbath Friday evening meal and were able to learn more about Judaism and Islam in Israel.

Unfortunately, Palestinian participants were effected in participating by current violence from both sides, however, partner Interfaith Encounter Association and their participants made us welcome and feel safe throughout the Youth Exchange.

To get involved in Erasmus+ Europe, Gallipoli and the Arab Revolt or other Erasmus+ programmes, please contact us at or call us at 0203 096 7850.

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