Dates 2016 for Erasmus+ Europe, Gallipoli and the Arab Revolt announced

Europe, Gallipoli and the Arab Revolt, Asfar’s EU Erasmus+ project, being delivered in Turkey, Israel, Serbia, UK, and Macedonia, dates have been confirmed for each Youth Exchange activity.

The provisional dates are:

London, UK:

14th February 2016 to 19th February 2016


Tetovo, Macedonia:

3rd June 2016 to 9th June 2016


Ankara, Turkey:

20th July 2016 to 26th July 2016


Belgrade, Serbia:

9th August 2016 to 16th August 2016


Europe, Gallipoli and the Arab Revolt, is a multi-lateral Youth Exchange programme, focusing on 5 countries which were the destinations of 4 significant aspects of World War I: Gallipoli; Arab Revolt; Europe and Eastern Battlefields, young people will learn about the World War I through a unique learning experience during its’ centenary between 2014 to 2018, while also developing a wide range of creative, life and work-based skills.

Young people will learn about each other, their cultural backgrounds & how World War I affected their countries. They will learn and practice different languages, through games, theatre role plays and photography-based scavenger hunts. Participants learn about the differences in UK, Israel, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey pre & during WWI & the changes in society post WWI.

Young people will consider identity; ideologies; democracy & different types of citizenship. Young people will also learn about Propaganda used by all Countries during WWI & how this has influenced modern Medias, Creativity & our understanding of Society.


How can I apply?

If you are aged 18 to 25 years, and would be interested in participating in a learning programme, where you develop new skills and learn about new countries, which involves free travel, accommodation etc. between Feb 2015 and August 2016:



If you are eligible, you will be invited to a briefing in December 2015/January 2016.

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