7 month ESC experience in Sarajevo!

In September 2020 I moved from the UK to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina for 7 months to work with the RESOLVE team. Before I moved I knew little about Sarajevo but I soon fell in love with the city and its people. The Asfar team introduced me to a number of wonderful people who call Sarajevo their home and I have made life-long friends because of this.

My day to day work consisted of working on projects for RESOLVE and chairing a number of online dialogue events. I also organised my own weekly campaing called Woman of the Week. I also tried my hand at learning the Bosnian language, and by the end of my volunteering placement I could have a basic conversation, which I was very proud of!

I had the most amazing time in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina generally, I think my experience will stay with me forever and I couldn’t recommend doing an ESC more! It truly changed my outlet on life and allowed me to learn things that I wouldn’t have, had I just stayed in the UK.

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