The last years have brought a topic on the public agenda that is a renewed concern for youth workers all over Europe. The radicalization of young people is again on the rise throughout the spectrum – left, right or religious. Youth work plays an important role, as the radicalization of many young people could be successfully prevented, if youth workers could better differentiate motivations and mechanisms in the process of extremism. Youth workers need to know the different steps, recognize the codes and identify the phases of youth radicalization while its happening, in order to successfully prevent and protect.

During our Training Course for Youth workers, we will tackle the following agenda:

  • Terror comes with many faces
  • Europe’s history of terrorism
  • Role of youth workers
  • Current forms of radicalization, with special focus on Right-Wing Extremism and Islamism
  • Religious and racial theories accompanying extremism
  • Study visits to learn about successful prevention programs in the Berlin-Brandenburg area
  • Skill-set for recognizing tendencies among young people and how to address them

Asfar is a partner on this project, led by MostarFriedensprojekt e.V.