Digital Talks: “The Refugee Experience: Humanitarian Migration in the UK”

Asfar’s next Digital Talks: “The Refugee Experience: Humanitarian Migration in the UK” will be a round table with three speakers: Far Mira Gerlach – Operations Manager and Youth Welfare Project Manager at Refugee Rights Europe Sarah M. Hughes – Vice Chancellor’s Research Fellow in Human Geography at Northumbria University Aladdin Aljian – Originally from Syria, is currently … Continued

When will I be back Ithaca? – MissFattoush

“Of course I want to go back. I had everything in Syria. A job, a house, a car, and my heart. My family, friends, they all stayed there. They think I am safe, happy. But Turkey is not the end of my journey. I survive here. Look at me! I dye clothes all day long, … Continued

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