Digital Talks: Climate Change

Asfar’s next Digital Talks: “Climate Change” will be a round table with two speakers: Dr Peter Hopcroft, lecturer on climate change, University of Birmingham Tamsin Lacourte, sustainability and climate change advocate, ZenBin As you can see this talk brings together experts in the climate change field and will be discussing the big questions surrounding sustainability and climate … Continued

Digital Talks: “The Refugee Experience: Humanitarian Migration in the UK”

Asfar’s next Digital Talks: “The Refugee Experience: Humanitarian Migration in the UK” will be a round table with three speakers: Far Mira Gerlach – Operations Manager and Youth Welfare Project Manager at Refugee Rights Europe Sarah M. Hughes – Vice Chancellor’s Research Fellow in Human Geography at Northumbria University Aladdin Aljian – Originally from Syria, is currently … Continued

Digital Talks: ‘The state of the art of resilience’

Asfar’s next Digital Talks: ‘The state of the art of resilience’ will be by Jo Wilkie, an intercultural psychologist Jo is an intercultural psychologist and expert in the promotion of resilience, mental health and migration and facilitating intercultural dialogue. She is passionate about resilience and helping people understand it and build on it in their lives.  With her husband, she … Continued

Digital Talks: Effects of Covid-19 on Girls Education in the Developing World

Asfar’s next Digital Talks: ‘Effects of Covid-19 on Girls Education in the Developing World’ will be by Ronke Oladele, Anchorise. Ronke Oladele is an Msc International Development graduate from the University of Birmingham. She is the founder of Anchorise; a social enterprise centred around empowering young girls through education through the sale of sustainable backpacks … Continued

Digital Talks: Period Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa

Our next Digital Talks: ‘Period Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa’ will be by Modupe Adeagbo, a Public Health analyst from FemBox. Modupe Adeagbo is a Public Health analyst with a degree in Global Public Health from New York University and works for FemBox – a non-profit organisation promoting women and girls health in Sub-Saharan Africa. The … Continued

Digital Talks: Rombelong Tutoring: Gypsy, Roma and Traveller people and education in the UK

Our next Digital Talks: ‘Rombelong Tutoring: Gypsy, Roma and Traveller people and education in the UK‘ by Chrissie Browne, Widening Participation Department at King’s College London. Chrissie Browne leads on the work to increase representation of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller students in Higher Education by addressing barriers that occur throughout the education lifecycle. The Talk will … Continued

Digital Talks: ‘Desectarianisation: a New Path for Peace Building?

Our next Digital Talks: ‘Desectarianisation: a New Path for Peace Building?‘ by Dr Simon Mabon, Senior Lecturer at Lancaster University, whilst also being Director of the Richardson Institute. Dr. Simon Mabon is the director of SEPAD, funded by Carnegie Corporation, which looks at the way in which the rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran is … Continued

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