Digital Talks: Period Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa

Our next Digital Talks: ‘Period Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa’ will be by Modupe Adeagbo, a Public Health analyst from FemBox. Modupe Adeagbo is a Public Health analyst with a degree in Global Public Health from New York University and works for FemBox – a non-profit organisation promoting women and girls health in Sub-Saharan Africa. The … Continued

Black, Bedouin and Israeli; A minority within a minority

Traditionally associated with the original nomadic peoples of Arabia, for many the Bedouins epitomise all that it means to be a “true Arab”. The simple tents mirroring the silhouettes of sand dunes, strung in shades of coffee and terracotta and rust. Men with their heads wrapped lavishly in cloth, riding on horseback against the raging … Continued

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