As part of our Community Re-investment objectives, Asfar is inaugurating an International Grant scheme, to be distributed by key partners to individuals and families in the Middle East, who would benefit from a small grant, which would make a difference to their current circumstances.

Eligibility includes:

  • Disadvantaged Young People
  • Families affected by the Middle East’s conflicts, including Refugees, Displaced Families, Individuals, Older people, Children, Young People and Disabled people
  • Communities living in poverty in the Middle East
  • Young Women, living in the Middle East affected by conflict or poverty

Grants are designed to alleviate individuals’ current circumstances through supporting them to purchasing emergency equipment, such as Blankets, Tents and Cooking utensils; pay for Legal documentation; cover the costs of small Skills/Qualification courses, which would assist people to find work; as well as addressing other key needs such as: Health & Medical; Housing; Equipment; Training; Travel; etc.

Small grants: all grants are approximately worth £50 to £100 per participant and must be sponsored by a partner organisation to qualify for consideration. Occasionally, Asfar provides higher valued grants, but this is based on individual circumstances.

If you work at an organisation that supports young people in the Middle East, who could benefit from Asfar’s International Grants, please get in touch by emailing for an application form.

Grant Applications for 2015 are closed