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Evropa2Evraziis, the UK-Eurasia Youth Exchange brings together a group of young people from the UK, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey to participate in an inter-cultural youth exchange, active citizenship, youth solidarity and the promotion of cultural tolerance, fostering an international platform for social cohesion between EU states and its neighbours in the Caucasus/Eurasia.


Evropa2Evraziis provides an opportunity for young people to develop a youth network of mutual understanding between four diverse cultures (British, Turkish, Azeri, Georgians as well as the wider ranging ethnic minorities throughout all 4 states), while also encouraging inter-cultural investigation in a range of key topics including: Society; Politics and Democracy; EU Citizenship; Social Action; and Cultural similarities and differences.


In particular, young people from the UK, will learn about their EU Citizenship, what it means on a practical level, and how they can be proactive EU citizens. Young people will also engage with young people outside of the EU and learn about their culture and their understanding of citizenship, as well as EU citizenship as an outsider. Overarching citizenship will be considered and debated utilizing former models and examples, including Soviet Union Citizenship in comparison to EU Citizenship, as well as older multi-cultural models such as Ottomanism, Islamism, Tsarism, Tribalism and other former state representatives akin to citizenship.


Evropa2Evraziis will focus on:


  • Cultural dialogue
  • Life & Language Skills
  • Citizenship
  • Self-Representation
  • Youth without borders


Young people will connect through a Youth Exchange in Tbillisi, Georgia, London, UK, Baku, Azerbaijan and Istanbul, Turkey to engage with peer young people, while learning about a diverse country, culture and history. Evropa2Evraziis also promotes civic and electoral participation of young citizens and the significance of their involvement in all forms of electoral activity. Young people will engage with their decision-makers, develop self-representational skills and develop entrepreneurial and social action projects.


Young people will also learn about different elements of each country such as ethnic minorities, anthropology, and shared history. Participants will  discover unifying literature themes connecting Europe to Eurasia, for example: Kurban Said’s tales of both Azerbaijan pre-Soviet Baku and 1930s Berlin through Ali & Nino and the Girl from the Golden Horne; Nichola Tchokotona’s Timeless; Irfan Orga’s a Portrait of a Turkish Family and the UK’s history of orientalist stories portraying the same region.


In turn, young people will represent their own ideas of their experiences through the Asfar e-Journal, as well as final e-film, while also learning how to be active citizens and self-represent themselves.


To learn how you can get involved, email info@asfar.org.uk


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