Interested in leading your own social action project?

Would you like to be responsible for a social action project budget and make decisions on how it is spent?


The RESOLVE: Social Action programme wishes to provide an opportunity for UK Resolvers (former Erasmus+ RESOLVE programme participants) and peer young people to continue on designing, planning, managing and delivering youth-led social action in their local communities.

Key issues within our communities, UK Resolvers wish to address:

  • Lack of youth developing reconciliation/conflict resolution skills to address their personal, community or wider conflicts
  • The Rise of the Far Right in the UK – especially in relation to attracting young people who do not feel their voices are being heard
  • Community isolation and Community-based conflict caused by the changes in our society started due to the Economic Crisis, Austerity and Brexit
  • The negative view of Migrants, Refugees and anyone else from a socially disadvantaged group who has been portrayed negatively by the press and the Far Right (i.e. the homeless who are increasingly being attached on the street and Welfare claimants)
  • Rise in segregation within our communities
  • Need for social enterprise skills and initiative amongst young job seekers.

Initially, UK Resolvers aims to co-develop our peers, developing the skill-sets of other young people in reconciliation skills through delivering some of the activities we learned during the RESOLVE programmes – such as Sport for Peace, Simulation games, Theatre for Peace role plays, People-to-people dialogue, Mediation activities etc.

This will assist in the development of our local RESOLVE: Network.

The RESOLVE: Social Action project aims and objectives included:

  • Promote youth-led social action
  • Reduce conflict
  • Build reconciliation
  • Promote social inclusion
  • Increase civic awareness – around the realities of subject like: economics migrants; EU citizens; the EU; Brexit – ensuring more diverse views are being shared and discussed, rather than one-sided views
  • Reduce inter-community anger – most of this anger which is created by politicians – the UK Resolvers will offer a platform of dialogue and mediation to break down some of this anger through encouraging responsible expression.
  • Increased Social entrepreneurial skills development amongst youth through peer to peer learning.


How to apply?

To apply, register here.

And share your CV to the below email address.

Alternatively, if you have already been involved in a RESOLVE programme,  please email  expressing your interest in the project.