This project ended in April 2015



Inspire EUROPE engages, encourages and connects young people from the UK and Turkey, to participate in a unique inter-cultural transnational project, through travel to Istanbul, workshops, historical, language and cultural activities.

Inspire EUROPE also develop key Employability, Enterprise and Social Action skills,  to encourage young people to learn about the Middle East, to become culturally engaged and develop new Language skills, while also learning about active Citizenship on a local, national and EU-level.

Inspire EUROPE incorporates a 3-stage model:


  • Citizenship and Employability
  • Language and Cultural
  • Skills enhancement


Citizenship and Employability

Inspire EUROPE will encourage young participants to learn about their Citizenship on a local, national and EU-level, while also developing essential employability skills required to ensure long term employment. It aims to encourage young people to actively develop new outlooks, especially with regards to Civic Responsibilities and their EU Citizenship. Participants will develop deeper understanding of their: Citizenship; Politics and Democracy; Society; and shared History.

Participants will also learn about different career route-ways, the skills, experiences and professional behaviours required, as well as developing essential skills in CV writing; Job search; Interview Skills; and Networking for work. Participants will also meet key decision-makers both from Politics and Industries.

Through promoting active participation in our electoral systems, Inspire EUROPE brings young people together to learn and investigate the development of the UK, Turkey and the European Union’s democratic structures and fundamentally how democracy developed and how it benefits us on a daily basis.


Language and Cultural exchange

Asfar aims to work with young people to develop new Language skills in English, Turkish and also to encourage participants to be aspirational about learning other languages in the future. Participants will get involved in a series of cross-cultural activities and anthropological workshops to further developing their understanding and appreciations of peer young people’s cultures. Participants will develop new outlooks, communication and inter-personal skills and appreciate other people, societies and cultures. Participants will travel throughout Istanbul to encourage their language development through culture, activities (i.e. the Scavenger Hunt) and practice.


Skills enhancement

Inspire EUROPE aims to enhance young people’s essential Life skills and provide a robust career service, ensuring they have the knowledge and know how to develop economically, ensuring social mobility both on a local, national, EU and international level.

Inspire EUROPE aims to provide social skills development including: including Communication; Inter-personal; Leadership; Team; Enterprise; Social Action projects; and Conflict Resolution skills.

A range of informal learning techniques such as: team Scavenger hunts; Role plays; Food tasting; Group Activities; Quizzes and Games; Peer-to-Peer activities; and Debates will be utilised to encourage participants to develop new skills, outlooks and job readiness throughout the Inspire EUROPE programme.

Young participants will log their experiences through e-Platforms, mobilising key methods of communications to represent their journey during Inspire EUROPE. Communication  e-platforms will include: e-Films; articles; photographs; e-Diaries and the mobilisation of social media. Inspire EUROPE will develop young people’s skills, motivation, cultural understanding, and increase social mobility and young people’s employment prospects for the future.