RESOLVE: Peace Camps 2020, provides an opportunity for young people to engage with decision-makers on a local, regional, national, EU and international-basis to share their thoughts, opinions and participate in democratic practices.  

Building upon the RESOLVE: New Youth Order programme, RESOLVE: Peace Camps 2020 develop young people further as young community change-makers and local peacebuilders addressing the societies’ social intolerance throughout Europe.

 The RESOLVE: Peace Camps 2020 is designed to support young people to represent themselves to decision-makers, develop their conflict resolution skills, and ensuring young people are leading community unification as social action leaders and change-makers, following 4 years of community division.

As a RESOLVE programme, it will mobilise a range of reconciliation and peacebuilding techniques to achieve this including:

  • People to people dialogue
  • Debate for Peace
  • Simulation games
  • Mediation techniques
  • Effective communication & advocacy

This will include:

  • Young person to decision-maker dialogue sessions to discuss the future of young people, Britain and young people’s role as former citizens (or continued citizens if Brexit has still not occurred by the time this project is implemented).
  • Young people connect with decision-makers to discuss conflict in their communities caused by key socio-economical political issues which have occurred over the last 5-10 years including: long term effects of the Economic Crisis and Austerity, the Refugee crisis, the rise of the Right and increased social intolerance, the social effects of Brexit and other issues causing conflict.
  • Debate for Peace activities – bringing young people experiencing conflict in the partner countries to debate their position, the situation and to engage with peer young people and decision-makers about their future and participation in democratic life in all partner countries and the EU
  • Reconciliation Simulation games with young people representing different democratic institutions and replicating the roles of decision-makers in their home countries, EU Council and other democratic bodies.

The project will include 2 UK-based activities for local UK people and 2 transnational-level activities – one in London, UK and one in Nicosia, Cyprus involving young people from: UK; Georgia, Cyprus, Spain; Turkey, Hungary and Bosnia-i-Herzegovina.

The RESOLVE: Peace Camps programme will benefit 87 young people (excluding team leaders who are 30 and under) throughout the programme’s lifetime. This does not include former RESOLVE participants and wider partners’ volunteers who will also connect to the programme through the RESOLVE: Network.

Participants will be aged 18 to 30 from UK, Georgia, Cyprus, Spain, Turkey, Hungary and Bosnia-i-Herzegovina and will directly have been affected by conflict or frustrated by decision-makers. Furthermore, they will also be affected by socio-economic and wider disadvantages i.e. unemployed, underemployed, health/disability issues etc.

To apply, register here.

Alternatively, if you have already been involved in a RESOLVE programme,  please email  expressing your interest in the project.