Equality & Diversity

Asfar is committed to advancing equality and diversity, both within our own organisation, amongst our staff and volunteers and in others, especially our Young People, Youth Adults and Partner organisations in the UK, the Middle East and the rest of the World.

Asfar aims to create positive working environments which recognise and value difference.

Both through our internal Equality & Diversity policy, staff training and positive relationships, Asfar works towards building an equal and diverse community.

To achieve this aim, Asfar has implemented a number of policies and initiatives:

  • Guaranteed interview schemes for disabled candidates*
  • An Equality and Diversity Policy & Procedure
  • Annual Diversity audits and reporting
  • Mandatory Equality and Diversity training for all staff members


Asfar is committed to ensuring a high quality service is maintained throughout our organisation, both in the UK and abroad. Asfar aims to operate in line with local, national and international operating frameworks and agreed standards, including:

UK and EU frameworks:

  • Ofsted Common Inspection Standards
  • EU Erasmus+ Quality Framework
  • Adheres to all Funders’ quality, risk and health and safety standards

Asfar is in the process of implementing our quality policies and procedures in line with International Development frameworks:

  • Red Cross Code of Conduct
  • People in Aid
  • the Sphere Humanitarian Charter
  • HAP Principles of Accountability and Humanitarian Action

*who meet all the essential criteria on the Person Specification