UK-Eurasia Exchange to Georgia: a participants’ perspective

  Rachael:     My knowledge of Georgia was extremely limited before this year. I didn’t know its capital was Tbilisi. I didn’t know their currency was the Lari. I didn’t know that Georgian is its own language with a unique alphabet. In fact, I didn’t even know where Georgia was. Lacking these basic facts, it … Continued

The US Election as a referendum on Islamophobia

The United States currently finds itself embroiled in one of the most ugly and derogatory campaigns in recent political history, and one again finds the Middle East at the centre of the most inflammatory rhetoric, particularly a fear of Islam. Tweets about political opponents’ wives, threats of massive border walls, and the dismantling of NATO … Continued

Refugees across Europe & the UK

In the camps noontime noises rise out of collapsing tents and hover around swollen piles of waste. From a distance one can hear the hum of a thousand-man line, tight like a tightrope, and the grind of the trucks as they shift, shift, shift behind tall white sheets of fencing and barbed wire. Laughter cracks … Continued

Erasmus+ Update – Spring 2016

  Since our last update, Asfar has delivered several transnational activities, and by June, this hit 5!   January 2016 In January, as part of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership programme: Micro-Enterprise and Social Action international Programme, Asfar and partners: Cukurova Universite and NAMCB sent our Youth Workers to Adana, Turkey to participate in a youth … Continued

Kufi Exhibition – Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum

5th March-10th May 2016   The Kufi Exhibition held at the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, 5th March to 10th May 2016, included a wide range of Arabic, Maghribi and Osmanlica (Ottoman Turkish) Kufi Qu’ranic manuscripts and examples of calligraphy with a particular focus on the how Andalusian Islamic culture influence the wider Islamic world. … Continued

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